Kids of Inmates Deserve Support


There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.                  Nelson Mandela

The numbers of people incarcerated in the United States prisons have increased 500% in the past thirty years. This directly impacts the number of children with one or more parents incarcerated. Little attention is paid to these extremely vulnerable children. They have lost a parent, may be moved to a different home and school, and don't understand what has happened. Providing children with reliable, dependable information allows them to make sense of their situation and start the dual process of grieving the loss of their parent and coping with their new life circumstances. Key variables that determine how well a child will adapt to their changed circumstances while a parent is in prison depends upon the amount of interaction between the parent and child and the amount of knowledge children have on why their parents are gone and education on how to cope with their feelings. The KIDS in the LOOP project will address three areas where resources can be provided to improve the chances of the child's emotional, social, moral, and intellectual development.